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Arts for the Soul Testimonials

AFTS participants share their impressions after experiencing a session in the beautiful Rockies playing music, painting, writing and taking pictures.

Group in town

Additional references from former participants will be provided upon request.

“An experience I will never forget.”
— Gayle Hookerman

“Playing with professionals — I learned that I could play the kind of music that I am passionate about.”
— Bill Wise

“I am enriched with new possibilities on the horizon.”
—Ivory Krooler

“If you enjoy people, instruction from inspired teachers, want a week away, Arts for the Soul is your cup of tea.”
— Margorie Selleck

“I was expecting a lot, but the week was more than I could have imagined.”
— Art Stauder

“It was a feast of things to do, hear and see.”
— Dan Steinmeyer

“It was enlightening to have such an up close and personal experience.”
— Mei Chen Welland

“It was just the right balance between learning and relaxation.”
— Helen Williamson

“It was absolutely a magical week! I feel energized, invigorated and now 100% confident that I can actually write a novel.”
— Noelle Griggs

“It was the fastest, most enjoyable week I have experienced in a long time.”
— Janice Hines

“Like nothing I had ever done before...”
— Sandy Oliver

Splendid! Utterly relaxing change of pace!”
— Victor Levine

“It was that rare vacation that, rather than being an escape from reality, sends you away with a way to make your reality better.”
— Mark Griggs

“The staff were truly amazing.”
— Leslie Bell

“It was a week on the edge of heaven.”
— Maeve Horton

“A wonderful opportunity to bond with
others who share your interests.”
— Shirley Rosen

“In most ways, far exceeded my expectations.”
— Jean Alessi

“There were at least three times I had to fight back tears because I was so moved by the learning experience.”
— Mary Parks

“Out door activities, art and staff quality, equals special experience.”
— Mary Parks

“Peaceful, wonderful, beautiful, relaxing, uplifting, encouraging, inspiring, fulfilling, friendly, welcoming — these are the words I have used to describe my week in Steamboat Springs.”
— Rachel Williams

“Made me aware of the inner sources of creativity and wisdom while learning practical skills.”
— Michael Parkhurst

“It was a week I will always remember - new experiences, great music, good food and wonderful people in a gorgeous setting!”
— Joanne Nazzoli

“Absolutely magical. I love the combination of learning with such wonderful instructors and being with nature.”
— Mary Archer

“... supporting, nurturing environment.”
— Hanna Tennen